BELexam is a proof of your ability to use basic command of English language, understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic sentences.

Exam Compliance

The exam complies with CEFR level A1 – the lowest level of generative language use. Therefore, learners can choose any English-learning material(s) that comply with level A1, in order to prepare for the exam.

Exam Objectives

  • To introduce a new global examination tool that fulfills a basic gap in English language beginner-level assessment.
  • To provide English-teaching centers/tutors with a solution, which enables them to test the ability of commanding basic language skills of English language for beginners.
  • To provide learners with a certificate they have been looking for; which makes them feel rewarded.
  • To provide employers and organizations with a proof of ability for language basic skills of potential job candidates.

Exam Methodlogy

The exam examines four parts of English language skills, which are:

PART 1 : Writing & Grammar
 PART 2 : Reading
 PART 3 : Listening
PART 4 : Speaking


The exam is paper-based and comprised of four parts:

writing and grammar (12 questions),

reading (learners read a passage selected by their tutor),

listening(learners listen to a conversation selected by their tutor followed by five questions) and

speaking (learners get engaged in a debate under the supervision of their tutor).


To pass the exam successfully examinees need to achieve 70% of the total exam score.


Successful candidates will be eligible for BELexam certificate issued by Ebsilon for Education and Training Development. Certificates will be registered at the international portal for certificates verification – CertVeri.

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