CertVeri Overview

Cetrtveri is an international portal for Certificates Verification. This system works as a universal portal that provides a secure and reliable access to registered members (educational institutions, students, and employers, etc…) to validate certificates; through an efficient and secure technological solution.

CertVeri Objectives

  • To prevent certificates’ fraud.
  • To increase certificates credibility and reliability.
  • To provide a prestigious tool for system users/members.
  • To help in building professional business model Integration.

Who could benefit from CertVeri?

  • Educational and Training Institutes.
  • Students and Professionals.
  • Employers.

What is our business model?

CertVeri business model is, usually, comprised of two tiers: a CertVeri Country Agent (CCA) and Authorized CertVeri Members (ACM). CCAs provide high-quality and high-leveled support and guidance to ACMs who access and enjoy the service at their institutes. The model is illustrated below.

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